A second opinion

We love helping you, and those you care about. In order to help the people you care about pursue their financial goals, we provide a complimentary second-opinion service.

We’d be happy to be a second set of eyes on the financial plans of your friends, family and associates to provide guidance and expertise to help ensure they are positioned to thrive. Most likely, you know a friend, family member or colleague who may be in a complex situation or just unhappy with the advice they are currently receiving – it’s not uncommon. We believe that many high-net-worth investors would value a second opinion on their finances.

Ask 10 wealth managers to define wealth management. You’ll almost certainly get 10 different answers – with most heavily focused on investing. As our valued client, you benefit from our cutting-edge team who has a clear and comprehensive vision of wealth management. We follow a specific formula for managing your wealth that encompasses investment consulting, advanced planning and relationships management, an equation we visualize as WM = IC + AP + RM. Those you care about may benefit from our holistic picture of wealth management that includes:

Investment Consulting (IC)

  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio management
  • Manager due diligence
  • Risk evaluation
  • Performance analysis

Advanced Planning (AP)

  • Wealth enhancement, including cash flow management and tax minimization
  • Wealth transfer
  • Wealth preservation
  • Charitable giving

Relationship Management (RM)

  • Regularly scheduled calls, reviews and in-person meetings
  • Team of professionals, including legal, tax, insurance and investment advisors

Through our second-opinion service, your friends, family members and associates can enjoy a portion of the experience you value at no cost – and invite them to review our full process . First, we’ll have a discovery meeting. Assuming we both agree that there is a basis for working together, your friend or family member will return for our investment plan meeting. Hopefully, we can confirm he or she is on track to fulfill their values and achieve each goal with their current financial provider.

If needed, we’ll suggest ways we can help, including recommending another provider if we aren’t a good fit for their needs. Either way, he or she will receive a Total Client Profile and personalized analysis of their current situation.

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