Planning for retirement

You’re here because you know that the person who matters most in your retirement planning is you. No matter what stage you’re in – early in your career, actively contemplating retirement or already retired – we're here to help. We can help educate you about the risks and concerns you'll face, as well as the opportunities, as you make your retirement plans.

Our team is positioned and approved to help you manage the 401(k) account held with your employer. We offer investment recommendations to buy or sell within your employer’s 401(k) plan based on your investment goals, needs and risk tolerance.

As an employee, you have no control over which company is providing your 401(k) plan, and you have no control over which investment choices you’re given – though you have some control in making investment choices within your plan. For most people, the opportunity for a comfortable retirement relies heavily on the value of their 401(k) plan as the main source of income in retirement – so it’s extremely important to build and preserve it.

Here’s how we help. In some cases, we’re able to manage your 401(k) account by making the investment changes for you and acting as your asset manager. In other cases, we email you changes and then you log in to your 401(k) site to make the changes.

We take advantage of the time you have, regularly contributing to tax-advantaged retirement accounts and boosting savings with matching funds offered by your employer.

Your goal should be to begin building up enough assets to provide adequate income to meet your needs throughout retirement – accounting for factors like increased longevity, healthcare costs and inflation. To accomplish this goal, you need a plan. That’s where we can help.

Wherever your work or life leads you, we assist in managing your cash flow and allocating your resources, striving to help you reach both your short- and intermediate-term goals without endangering your long-term plans.

As you approach the end of your career, you may have questions about what comes next or if you’re ready emotionally. Together, we uncover the answers, identify and address any concerns you may have, and update your estate plan to reflect your current wishes.

We start by identifying your short- and long-term goals. When do you want to retire? Where do you want to live? How will you spend your days? Then, we estimate income and expenses for the life you’re envisioning, taking into account the unexpected and other obligations so they won’t catch you unprepared.

If you need to play catchup, we examine the best way to do so by making larger contributions to your retirement accounts or possibly cutting back in other areas. We also discuss your Social Security and Medicare options with you, so you’ll be ready as soon as you’re eligible.

With the right plan, we bring your vision into sharper focus, so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want and deserve. Keep in mind that the planning doesn’t stop when your paychecks do. It’s a continuous process that goes on all the way through retirement.

We analyze your current situation to help you remain on track and working toward all you’ve envisioned from retirement, identifying sources of income and expenses to create and adhere to a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy. We strive to make the most of your assets and income streams by creating a steady and sustainable income strategy, consolidating accounts, if necessary, to effectively recreate the predictable cash flow of a steady paycheck and ensuring contributions to your philanthropic interests.

Your needs and wants will change during this time. We reevaluate your plan so you can maintain a clear picture of the kind of lifestyle you desire, reassessing your short- and long-term goals, plus your risk tolerance in retirement. We also make sure you have the proper up-to-date documentation to ensure your legacy is protected and wishes are respected.

As your life changes, so will your plan. We will regularly review your plan and make adjustments, as needed, along the way.